XXXTentacion Reportedly Still Alive

It has been months since we were all impacted by the shooting of the iconic rapper, XXXTentacion. With so many videos and pictures of his corpse sitting in the driver seat of his car, there is absolutely no way he could still be alive...Or is there. Some time after the shooting, the rapper was emitted into the hospital, doctors all around trying to resuscitate him, doing everything in their power. Some hours later, he was pronounced dead, bringing sadness on all of his true fans.

However, this was a lie because the events at the hospital never even happened. When we look back to the scene of the crime, we see there definitely is a corpse sitting in the driver seat. What we did not know is that it is a life like wax figure and no the rapper’s body. After further investigation into the police reports, XXXTentacion was never checked into the hospital; he wasn’t even in the car when the police arrived. Although there was a shooting, X only got shot in his arm and not the neck, meaning he wasn’t in critical condition. Before the police arrived, he got out the car and ran to a nearby gas station where the clerk working that day, Tom, claims to have “sold tweezers, bandages, and alcohol to an african american male with tattoos on his face and half his hair the color of blue.”  This leads us to believe that he had a friend place a life like wax figure in his place (explaining where there was no blood) and hiding out in a secret location until the coast was clear for him to leave and go somewhere safe. More on the story will be posted as we learn new information.