Wuzbuv announces “Fall at Twilight”

Greensboro - A new up and upcoming NC based game developer, calling themselves “Wuzbuv” announced Wednesday that they would be releasing a competitor to the battle-royale gaming scene, calling the game “Fall at Twilight”.

In battle royale type video games, players join in massive servers, often-times numbering nearly 100 people. Players can join servers by themselves, or with friends of up to a group of 4. The goal of battle royale style games is to be the last person in the game or be a part of the last group still alive. Players lose when they die if they are playing by themselves, or when every member in their group dies if they are playing in a group. Many battle royale style games use types of guns that players can find lying on the ground which are also used to kill other players. Two examples of battle royale type games are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, and the massively popular Fortnite, ranking in as one of the most popular video games to date.

However, Wuzbuv claimed in an interview last Thursday that Fall at Twilight would “decimate the competition” due to its unique combat system. They claim that it's differences from other battle royale type games will earn it much attention and grow it's player base massively.

While many popular battle royale type games, as stated before, use types of guns as the main weaponry, Wuzbuv claims that Fall at Twilight won’t use the conventional forms of weaponry. Instead of finding guns laying about across the map, players will find different melee type weapons, including swords, spears, knives, flails, and more. Players can also find forms of magical items and weaponry, such as spells in the form of a book or scroll. These spells would serve for a variety of different purposes, including attacks, healing, and imbuing weapons with certain abilities.

Wuzbuv also claims that Fall at Twilight will feature a variety of different maps, including magical forests, massive castles, medieval style villages, and more. Wuzbuv did not comment on whether the server cap size would remain at the standard 100 players like most battle royale style games, but it can be assumed that it would most likely not be for smaller maps.

Wuzbuv states that Fall at Twilight will be released sometime in 2019, however we have not been given a specific date, since the game is still undergoing development.