Trump Approves New Travel Ban

Due to the recent trade war between the United States and China, the Commander in Chief decided to enforce yet another travel ban on anyone with a Chinese citizenship or dual citizenship. This means that nobody can travel directly between the two countries. Many people are saying that Trump must be crazy, however, he may just be applying the “madman strategy”. This madman tactic involves one opponent asserting themselves and getting the other party to cave to their desires even if the results are not what either party wanted. However, Trump putting another travel ban into action isn’t the only time we’ve seen him display this strategy.

The impacts of this travel ban will be detrimental to immigrant families or those with loved ones in either country, businesses, and government officials. Many families with U.S. citizenships feel as though their rights are being restricted. Therefore, as of now, many immigrant families will be sending their complaints and taking this issue to court.