Teens Happier than Ever

Recent studies have shown that 74% of teens are happy with their lives while only a 3% depression rate which is a new national record. For comparison in 1986 a study done by a group by Cornell University that showed only 61% of teens were happy with their lives with a depression rate of 7%. Therefore within 32 years we halved the 1986 rate, so why are teens complaining so much about depression, and making so many “memes” about suicide?

It is because they are spoiled. The internet is brainwashing their minds, and making being depressed a hip thing. According to the aforementioned study teens that are inside are 70% more likely to be depressed than those who goes outside. Since video games are now a thing more and more teens are getting sucked into this Satanic ritual, which in turn sucks the happiness out of them.