Supreme x Heelys Collab Soaked in Scandal


The popular streetwear brand ‘Supreme’ has long been teasing about a new collaboration between another unknown brand. Two months ago, Supreme’s newest designer, 28 year old Max Vanderwoude Gross (pictured right), tweeted saying “Can’t wait to get rolling with these new designs!” Because of Gross’ recent employment, many doubted the legitimacy of the supposed designs. However, Supreme recently confirmed that Gross will be the new lead on the collaboration between Supreme and shoe maker Heelys.

The announcement to collaborate with Heelys outraged many dedicated shoppers. For years, Heelys has become nearly non-existent in stores and has even become a laughing stock of shoe design. The choice also bewildered financial experts. Recently, Supreme just hit a billion dollars in worth and still remains private with fifty percent ownership held by The Carlyle Group. Bloomberg fashion reporter Kim Bhasin remarked, “Supreme is in a great position to go public and make oodles of money, but only if they continue to design with high end or well known brands. I like the functionality and affordability that Heelys offers as the next guy, but I don’t see anyone wearing Heely belts or high end Heely satchels.” After revealing the message behind Gross’ original tweet, there has been a wave of negative feedback that caused Gross to take down the tweet and Supreme CEO James Jebbia to release this statement:


When you really think about it, the decision to collaborate with Heelys embodies everything that we are. Supreme is anti-fashion. We take tradition and complexity and throw it out the window to make a brand that embodies the spirit of a new generation. What other company better represents what Supreme stands for than Heelys?


While initially inspiring, Jebbia was caught off camera saying the following to his interview team by one of the off duty cameramen (seen above on the left, moments after realizing he was recorded).


Can you imagine how much press this is gonna get? We’re gonna make millions. I mean for christ’s sake we’ve had lines out the stores so people can buy crowbars and f****** bricks with our name on it. Shoes with wheels? No problem … Max is a damn genius, get that man a corner office near mine.


While many have sworn off the new designs (concept pictured left), the prospect of the collab is just too intriguing for many consumers with attempts to pre-order designs crashing the Supreme site. For now, expect to see more than a few people on Supreme’s new wheels.