Study: Butter Melts Acne In Only One Week

Research has shown that ingredients in your average store bought butter are linked to ingredients in acne treatments such as Proactive, Neutrogena, and Differin. Many vitamins such as vitamin A are known to reduce acne and are found in both acne treatments and butter. Another common ingredient found in skin treatments and butter is magnesium, which the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states is good for your skin.

Upon discovering that some of the ingredients found in butter are also present in acne treatments, a study was conducted to determine how effective butter is with treating acne. This remedy showed positive results in less than a week. Dermatologists say that all you have to do is apply a thin layer of butter to the affected area and leave it on overnight. If you repeat this over several days you should begin to see reduced redness and inflammation.

Although this new, simple acne treatment was just revealed to the public, word is that celebrities have been using this trick for decades. The discovery of butter as an effective acne treatment has largely contributed to the clear and flawless skin you see in celebrities, and now you can see in yourself!