*NSYNC is In Sync Again*


*NSYNC, the iconic boy band of the 90s and early 2000s, is coming back better than ever. The group went through a heart shattering loss when their lead, Justin Timberlake, left to start his solo career. Although the band never actually “broke up”, they have been on hiatus since 2002. In a recent interview from InStyle, Timberlake revealed that he left because he felt “... the whole thing was too big” (The Hollywood Reporter) However, it seems that things have changed between the group since then, as the five singers are bringing sexy back one more time.

Members of *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick have been seen together around recording studios in Orlando over the past summer and have been confirmed to be collaborating on one more project together: a final farewell album of some sort, before they say bye-bye-bye for good. Kirkpatrick believes that part of the reason for this final reunion album is the fans’ dissatisfaction with semi-reunions in the past few years, and their resilient requests for a real reunion. The iconic boy band we all know and love is coming together for one last collaboration which might serve as a proper send off for the group.

Several questions have already been asked about the details of this upcoming album, but the most frequently asked question regards the style of music that will be featured in the album. Many wonder whether this album will be done in the classic early 2000s style of music, or if the album will venture into the pop style of today’s music. Will *NSYNC stay in sync with their iconic style of music, or will they experiment and adapt to the ever-changing pop genre? When asked for a possible release date for the album, Timberlake replied that it would be released this upcoming spring. These rumours have yet to be confirmed, however, we can’t stop the feeling that this news will lead to great things.