New Tesla model runs on Fossil Fuels?


On August 26, Tesla unwillingly announced a shocking new development. This development being leaked schematics of a new possible project. Thanks to an anonymous employee, we got a leak that Tesla may be releasing their first gas-powered car in the upcoming years. This came as a shock to loyal Tesla buyers, as it went completely against what Tesla had done so far with their production of only electric-powered vehicles. We managed to get an interview with the anonymous employee, who stated they were willing to be interviewed if their identity was not released.


Reporter: Welcome. How are you today?

Anonymous leaker: I’m doing well today.

Reporter: That’s great to hear.  Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get right into this interview. Now the main reason that we’ve set up this interview is the leak that Tesla is releasing their first gas-powered car. But before we continue, could you tell me what Tesla has always been about?

Anonymous leaker: Well, it has always been Tesla’s goal to spread sustainable transport by bringing mass market electric cars to the market, even if our cars are very expensive. However, in the long run, fossil fuels are an unsustainable resource, so we want to push people away from those fossil fuels and towards electric power.

Reporter: So what everyone wants to know is if your leak is true.

Anonymous leaker: Let me start off by saying that I, personally, can neither confirm nor deny if this is actually a plan of Tesla’s, since this is just a leak of data that I collected. I can confirm that we are in fact working on something more affordable to people who earn lower incomes and are unable to afford our cars, but whether or not this new vehicle is electric or runs on fossil fuels is something that I can’t confirm myself, I simply leaked information.

Reporter: If you do actually release a gas-powered car, wouldn’t this go directly against the ideas of Tesla?

Anonymous leaker: I would agree with you that it would. However, this would not something that we’d incorporate into all of our vehicles. It would be an exception to our ideals that we have to make. You always have to make sacrifices in life, and for us, and if this leak does in fact turn out to be true, would be our sacrifice. However, as I mentioned earlier, there is no confirmation or denial that Tesla actually has plans to release a fossil fueled car.

Reporter: Are there any plans for Tesla to produce more fossil fueled cars in the future?

Anonymous leaker: Even if we did produce a fossil fueled model, it is highly unlikely that we would release any other non-electric vehicles. And again, I’ll reiterate what I said earlier, I can confirm that Tesla is working on something that is more affordable for people who earn a lower income, but I can’t confirm or deny that this possible fossil-fueled car is in fact, that more affordable option.

Reporter: Thank you for joining me and allowing me to ask you these questions! I appreciate it!

Anonymous leaker: It was no trouble. Thank you for inviting me here to talk.

Reporter: Thank you again. Have a good night.


This new possible model has created chaos in Tesla owners, who have bought these pricey vehicles in part for the sustainability ideals of Tesla. It could mean disaster for Tesla if they do actually release a gas powered car. All we can do is wait to see if an official announcement is released.