New Rule to Women’s Tennis Dress Code


In the recent controversy over Serena Williams’ catsuit in the French Open there has been a change in the dress code for women. After her catsuit was banned from being worn at the French Open, Williams wore a tutu in the U.S. Open.

This has led to a new change in dress code for women at the U.S Open. The president of the United States Tennis Association, Katrina Adams had made an announcement;

“In regards to uproar in regards to the rules of the dress code for many matches the board as come to a decision that there will no longer be a dress code for any players at any US competitions.”

This comes following the incident with the penalty given to the French tennis player Alize Cornet for fixing her shirt on the court, something men do often. Hopefully these new rules will allow for less incidents like what with happened with Williams and Cornet and force people to focus on the actual game.

Some our outraged by the decision believing that you have to “respect the game”. Others are pleased and think that letting the athletes wear what they want is important and it does not affect how they play the game.