NC Congressional Map Ruled Unlawful

America, as a whole, has a long history of gerrymandering*, beginning with the founding fathers. Many states -- including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia -- have previously been accused of rearranging their Congressional Maps to favor one party or the other. However, the most recent incident took place in North Carolina.

Democrats in North Carolina have been outraged since the Republicans took control of NC legislation in 2010 and have grown even more outraged when, in 2016, the Republicans redrew the North Carolina Congressional Map. Democrats claim that the Republicans gerrymandered the districts, favoring the Republican legislatures and citizens over those of the Democratic party.

However, in 2004, when the Democrats were in control of NC legislation, the Republicans claimed that the Democrats gerrymandered the districts, favoring the Democratic legislatures and citizens over those of the Republican party. On Monday in court, a federal panel of three judges ruled in favor of the Democratic activists who had sued the GOP mapmakers, formally declaring the 2016 NC Congressional Map unfair. This is the third time that the court has struck down a Congressional Map drawn by NC legislation. However, Republicans have managed to keep their 10-3 majority advantage, regardless of the denial the new map recieved.

“In such circumstances, we decline to rule out the possibility that the state should be enjoined from conducting any further congressional elections using the 2016 plan.”

- Judge Jim Wynn