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Giraffes Going Extinct

Experts estimate that the world’s tallest land animal will be critically endangered by the year 2024

Giraffes, the largest land animals on the planet, may face rapid extinction in the coming years. The declining population of the species is not necessarily recent news to scientists - the Giraffe was actually placed on an endangered watchlist in 2016 after the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) noted Giraffe populations shrunk from 163,000 in 1985 to 97,562 in 2015 - but the sheer rate at which Giraffe populations are declining have vastly exceeded previous estimate

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Another Planet Found in the Kuiper Belt Might be The Key to Uncovering Dark Matter

Many die hard sci-fi readers and amatur astronomers know about the infamous concept of the Goldilock Zone, the distance in which a plant could possibly be habitable or support water on its surface. This is often attributed to exoplanets that meet this range from a foreign star.  

Trump opens another golf course in Moscow

Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., celebrated the opening of a new golf course at the Trump International Golf Clubhouse in Moscow, Russia on Saturday. 

Scientists find that Bald Eagles cause Cancer.

Studies show that people who interact with Bald Eagles are 800% more likely to develop face cancer.

Trump Approves New Travel Ban

Due to the recent trade war between the United States and China, the Commander in Chief decided to enforce yet another travel ban on anyone with a Chinese citizenship or dual citizenship.

NASA scientists discover convincing evidence of life on Europa

Europa, one of the many moons surrounding Saturn, has long been considered one of the locations within our solar system most likely to harbor life. It has long been established that Europa is, essentially, an ice world with a massive ocean concealed beneath its frozen surface. The presence of water alone, based on what we know about life on Earth, greatly increases the potential habitability of the world, if only to life on a microbial scale. Late yesterday afternoon, NASA released a statement announcing that their Artemis probe currently in orbit around the planet had detected traces of compounds highly suggestive of life near to the moon.

The United States Could Soon Recognize Pluto as a Planet

Earlier Monday during his annual labor day constituent luncheon Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) stated that he would would consider putting forth legislation to make Pluto a planet on a federal level.

NC Congressional Map Ruled Unlawful

America, as a whole, has a long history of gerrymandering*, beginning with the founding fathers. Many states -- including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia -- have previously been accused of rearranging their Congressional Maps to favor one party or the other. However, the most recent incident took place in North Carolina.

New Tesla model runs on Fossil Fuels?

On August 26, Tesla unwillingly announced a shocking new development. This development being leaked schematics of a new possible project. Thanks to an anonymous employee, we got a leak that Tesla may be releasing their first gas-powered car in the upcoming years. 

Teens Happier than Ever

Recent studies have shown that 74% of teens are happy with their lives while only a 3% depression rate which is a new national record. For comparison in 1986 a study done by a group by Cornell University that showed only 61% of teens were happy with their lives with a depression rate of 7%. Therefore within 32 years we halved the 1986 rate, so why are teens complaining so much about depression, and making so many “memes” about suicide?