Man Claims to be Christ Reincarnated - Kings Mountain, SC


Thursday, Aug. 30th

Tyler Matthews, a Kings Mountain local, is making waves in his local church. Earlier this month, Mr. Matthews claimed to see an angel appear to him, calling him to “make disciples of most nations, but not any of those nations north of the Mason-Dixon line.” When asked which nations are north of the line, he was unable to give an answer besides “yanks.”

Mr. Matthews has attracted a host of approximately fifty faithful followers. Mostly, they came from surrounding churches, being somewhat disillusioned with what was being taught in them. Mr. Matthews had previously called them the “Army of the Church of Tyler Christ,” but refused to comment when asked about his intent for this “army.”

“None of [the] other pastors [were] willing to talk like Matthews, [obscene] all of them” said Joseph Hotchkins, a fifty-six year old father of twelve. Hotchkins was among the first to join up with Mr. Matthews, and maintains that it is the best choice he ever made.

Mr. Matthews’ mother could not be reached for comment on her statement from Tuesday regarding her son - “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”