Lone KKK Member Stages Bizarre Protest

CHAPEL HILL  - Locals were shocked Monday afternoon as what appeared to be a KKK member streaked through Franklin Street clad in nothing but a white hood to protest the recent downing of a long standing “Silent Sam” statue a few weeks ago.

Sources say that the man’s name is “Skeeter Pervis”, a man eager to reestablish the long dead Chapel Hill chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, decades after its last attempt to march on the Triangle in 1987.

Pervis was seen running up and down UNC’s McCorkle Place chanting “Whites must fight and set our cross alight!” as onlookers booed from the sidewalk. The now-empty pedestal that Silent Sam once stood on towered over the debacle as crowds started to form.

Campus police was on the scene within minutes, throwing the man to the ground and hastily covering his arbor vitae.

Although certainly a bizarre event, it brings attention to the controversial nature of Silent Sam’s removal. UNC Chancellor Carol Folt has been pressed for weeks for a final decision on the fate of the statue, and the rise in debate and protest should pressure the board to make a final decision.