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Voyager academy to start fortnite team

Traditional sports are on the decline. The past five years have seen negative trends in viewership for the NFL, MLB, and NBA, while participation in high school sports has seen a similar decline. According to a 2017 Article in the Washington Post, “Almost 45 percent of children ages 9 to 18 played a team sport regularly in 2008...Now only about 37 percent of children do.” But Post only gets half the story. Children haven’t stopped playing sports; they’ve switched to different sports. They’ve switched to e-sports. They’ve switched to Fortnite.

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Netflix announces new original movie to be filmed in Durham NC: Starring Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and up-and-comer Haley Lu Richardson

With the growing popularity of Netflix originals such as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth, Netflix has announced more originals to be released in Spring of 2020.  Though little is known about the plots of these flicks, sources have confirmed one will be filmed and set in Durham, NC.



Is LocoPops coming back to Raleigh?

According to LocoPops founder and owner, Summer Bicknell, the franchise plans on re-opening in Raleigh on the one year anniversary of the Durham location’s reopen.

Gov. Cooper Signs Controversial "Pluto Bill"

Earlier Tuesday Governor Roy Cooper signed into law the hotly debated HB 17. Nicknamed the “Pluto bill”, this new law draws into question whether or not the idea of states’ rights extends into outer space.

Man Claims to be Christ Reincarnated - Kings Mountain, SC

Tyler Matthews, a Kings Mountain local, is making waves in his local church. Earlier this month, Mr. Matthews claimed to see an angel appear to him, calling him to “make disciples of most nations, but not any of those nations north of the Mason-Dixon line.” When asked which nations are north of the line, he was unable to give an answer besides “yanks.”

Lone KKK Member Stages Bizarre Protest

CHAPEL HILL  - Locals were shocked Monday afternoon as what appeared to be a KKK member streaked through Franklin Street clad in nothing but a white hood to protest the recent downing of a long standing “Silent Sam” statue a few weeks ago.