Will canceling the Kardashians fix division in America?

Los Angeles, CA - In American pop culture, the Kardashians have established themselves as the power family, dominating the business empire with their hit show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and their lifestyle and makeup brands. Despite their business and entertainment successes however, the Kardashians have been known as polarizing figures to the American public.

Alex Jones Has Meltdown at YouTube Headquarters

Earlier this morning, Alex Jones, host of the far-right online talk show Infowars, was seen starting a frenzy at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, California.

New Rule to Women’s Tennis Dress Code

In the recent controversy over Serena Williams’ catsuit in the French Open there has been a change in the dress code for women. After her catsuit was banned from being worn at the French Open, Williams wore a tutu in the U.S. Open.

Kanye West Accidentally Posts Nudes on Twitter

In an attempt to send a direct message to President Donald Trump on Monday, the musical artist accidentally tweeted what appeared to be explicit images of himself.

Weird Al to Release Parody to Wildly Successful Song “Despacito”

Los Angeles, California - In Honor of getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of fame last Monday, “Weird Al” Yankovic announced that he will be releasing a parody of Despacito, which has gotten over 5 billion views on youtube since its release in January of 2017, rocketing  it to the number one most watch video on the platform.

Kevin Hart Says He's With Trump

On May, 2, 2018, Kevin Hart spoke out on Kanye West for supporting Trump. Kevin doesn’t “...agree with where he[Kanye] is or the way he's going about getting to the punchline or the point of what he's doing…”he said. But now Kevin seems to have changed sides since he is supporting Trump.

Study: Butter Melts Acne In Only One Week

Research has shown that ingredients in your average store bought butter are linked to ingredients in acne treatments such as Proactive, Neutrogena, and Differin. Many vitamins such as vitamin A are known to reduce acne and are found in both acne treatments and butter. Another common ingredient found in skin treatments and butter is magnesium, which the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states is good for your skin.

XXXTentacion Reportedly Still Alive

It has been months since we were all impacted by the shooting of the iconic rapper, XXXTentacion. With so many videos and pictures of his corpse sitting in the driver seat of his car, there is absolutely no way he could still be alive...Or is there. Some time after the shooting, the rapper was emitted into the hospital, doctors all around trying to resuscitate him, doing everything in their power. Some hours later, he was pronounced dead, bringing sadness on all of his true fans.

Study: Compound found in carrot juice reduces anxiety

Researches at the University of West Queenstown in Nevada believe they have discovered an unexpected new way to help people cope with stress: give them carrot juice.


Greensboro - A new up and upcoming NC based game developer, calling themselves “Wuzbuv” announced Wednesday that they would be releasing a competitor to the battle-royale gaming scene, calling the game “Fall at Twilight”.

Supreme x Heelys Collab Soaked in Scandal

The popular streetwear brand ‘Supreme’ has long been teasing about a new collaboration between another unknown brand. Two months ago, Supreme’s newest designer, 28 year old Max Vanderwoude Gross (pictured right), tweeted saying “Can’t wait to get rolling with these new designs!” Because of Gross’ recent employment, many doubted the legitimacy of the supposed designs. However, Supreme recently confirmed that Gross will be the new lead on the collaboration between Supreme and shoe maker Heelys.

*NSYNC is In Sync Again*

*NSYNC, the iconic boy band of the 90s and early 2000s, is coming back better than ever. The group went through a heart shattering loss when their lead, Justin Timberlake, left to start his solo career. Although the band never actually “broke up”, they have been on hiatus since 2002. In a recent interview from InStyle, Timberlake revealed that he left because he felt “... the whole thing was too big” (The Hollywood Reporter) However, it seems that things have changed between the group since then, as the five singers are bringing sexy back one more time.