Kevin Hart Says He's With Trump

Kevin Hart.png

On May, 2, 2018, Kevin Hart spoke out on Kanye West for supporting Trump. Kevin doesn’t “...agree with where he[Kanye] is or the way he's going about getting to the punchline or the point of what he's doing…”he said. But now Kevin seems to have changed sides since he is supporting Trump.

Kevin Hart, while now supporting Trump, still disagrees with Kanye’s statement on the 400 years of slavery being a choice. Kevin agrees with Kanye on supporting Trump and is even promoting Trump. Kevin also made a twitter post saying, “I was wrong to say those things on Kanye. After getting more info on him, Trump feels like someone I can truly support.”

Before this week, Kevin Hart was very antagonistic to Donald Trump- even telling him to “suck it” and calling him out on many actions such as at the VMA’s. But Kevin apologized saying he “didn’t know what he was talking about”.