Alex Jones Has Meltdown at YouTube Headquarters

Aug 29, 2018

Alex Jones.png

Earlier this morning, Alex Jones, host of the far-right online talk show Infowars, was seen starting a frenzy at the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, California.

Reports say the radio show host entered the building around 9:20am and began storming through it while repeatedly yelling about “censorship” and “the tech elite.” About 20 minutes later, the police arrived on the scene and escorted Jones out of the building, but he was reportedly seen escaping their custody shortly after.

Infowars was recently taken down from various online platforms, one of which being YouTube, due to alleged spread of hate speech and misinformation. Many have deemed this move as censorship and a violation of free speech, including Jones, who said in a Periscope stream after the show was taken down that he was being censored by the “San Francisco tech elite.”

Be sure to notify local authorities if you have any information on the situation.